Beep isn't active anymore. 😢

Nice to see you here! We are Sudharshan, Daniel and Ambrose from MakerForce and we've stopped working on Beep. It was a great idea that we didn't get to turn into a working product within constraints, but we have learned a lot from this experience. If you're interested in finding out more, drop us an email.

Your browser is outdated, so some things may look wonky.

Talk. Don't text

Beep is the new way to communicate with your friends and family by merging the efficiency of voice calls with the convenience of messaging.

Conversations, like in real life

Have real conversations with friends without ever making a call.


Always works, even if you are offline

You'll get notifications when someone contacts you. Like your familiar chat apps.


Go back in time if you've missed something

Want to listen to that bad joke your friend made again and again? No problem


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